Exam Prep

I used HamTestOnline.com for my exam preparation.  It worked very well for me and I highly recommend it.

I started studying for my Technician class exam on June 25, 2014, added General class questions on June 30, and Extra class questions on July 7.

I took all three exams in one sitting on July 10, 2014 and passed all three on the first attempt.

I get nothing for recommending this resource, so take it for what it’s worth.  Of course, if you really want to take the time and gradually learn and add skills, then by all means, take classes, and take the traditional route.  I was just doing this in between college terms, so I wanted to get all the exams out of the way.  Once I graduate (2015), I intend to get more involved in a local club and start the real learning track.  For now, I have my Extra class license and am enjoying 2m and 70cm bands in my free time (typically driving to and from work).