My Radios

My first radio was a Baofeng UV-5Ra. Once I realized I could only hear the [not so] distant repeaters and couldn’t reach them with my 4W HT, I picked up a Yaesu FT-2900R, Tram 1185 Mag Mount antenna, and a Pyramid 20A power supply. These I put upstairs in my home office, with the antenna stuck to a cookie sheet on top of a bookshelf. That’s how I made my first QSO with Larry WA5GLO. I was SO excited! Shortly thereafter I dropped my HT and the battery clip broke, so the battery wouldn’t stay in. I ordered a new extended battery for the UV-5Ra, but it didn’t fit properly, so I gave up on that and just ordered a Baofeng UV-82C.

Skip ahead a month or two and I installed my Yaesu and antenna in my car. That worked out quite nicely, but I just wanted to be able to also have 70cm available to me on more than my HT. So now I’ve purchased a Kenwood TM-V71a, which also gives me cross-band repeat capability. For now, it and the antenna are back upstairs in the office, but I’ve got a Browning BR-180 antenna and Browning BR-311 lip mount coming for the car, so now I need to decide whether to put the Yaesu or the Kenwood back in the car. I’ve really enjoyed being able to wander around the house with my HT and still be able to hit my preferred repeater by using cross-band repeat.

With my HTs, I also use the ARC S11 Speaker Mic (Kenwood TK-208 model) and the Nagoya NA-771 antenna.