About Me


My name is Andrew and I’ve always been interested in amateur radio, ever since first learning about it in the Mad Scientists Club books. Flash forward to 1999 when a roommate studied for and obtained his license and was given an HT by his parents. He taught me the basics of how people use repeaters, etc. Then when I moved back home my interest dwindled yet again.

Flash forward again to 2014. I decided I really wanted to get involved in SkyWarn activities, so i started exploring what I would need to do to get licensed. Once I realized I would no longer need to learn morse code to be licensed, I immediately began studying for my exam. That was June 25, 2014. On July 10 I took all three exams and passed all three.

Of course, I also work full time as an IT Manager during the day and am a full-time student in the evenings, wrapping up my Bachelor’s degree. Due to this, I’m only really active on local repeaters during my drives to and from work and on the weekends occasionally. For now, I’m just staying on 2m and 70cm, but thoroughly enjoying making local contacts and meeting people who really enjoy the hobby.